Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Book Club a Success!

Hi, all! Alice here.

Janna's appearance as Garfield Book Company has just wrapped up, and everything went swimmingly! Well, I say swimmingly; I mean survivably. Well, I say survivably--perhaps I should clarify. Everything went swimmingly once we finally got things rolling. Filming turned out to be a bit more tricksy than we anticipated. What with timing issues, lighting problems, getting cameras, getting tapes for cameras, getting tripods, and scrounging up this little doohickey . . .
. . . which is essential for attaching the camera to the tripod and yet, it seems, doesn't come with the tripods. . . . Anyway, once we finally got started, things went great. Lindsay's book club was really excited to have Janna there, and Janna was excited to be there, and a great conversation ensued. And it's all on tape! (Unfortunately, still on actual tape right now--hopefully we'll get that converted to digital format soon to share it with you!)

While I'm on the topic of filming, though, I should talk a bit more about filming Janna's book club a couple of weeks ago. That was actually the first project we did, but then we got so caught up in the rest of this that we never had time to blog about it! Sarah, Katie, and I were all filming (Lindsay couldn't make it, unfortunately), so hopefully we can get their reactions to it in here soon. The main thing that struck me about these two different book clubs' discussions wasn't their reactions to the book--everybody loved it--but what they chose to focus on. Janna's friends focused a lot on all the relationship questions the book brings up and almost not at all on the actual sailing aspect. Lindsay's group, though, talked a whole lot about the sailing--they all loved the romantic adventure! It was really interesting to hear the different takes on it.

With that, I'll leave you with a little sample of our filming from Janna's book club--we got a bit silly behind the scenes with cookies and pizza!

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