Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Janna Prepares for Tonight's Appearance!

Janna here.

Giddy because tonight I get to talk with a book club about my book, or hear a book club talk about my book--I don't really know which it will be or what to expect. I hope they like it! Oh, but that's just my ego talking. My true hope is that, like it or hate it, my book provides fodder for a good discussion about the things that matter in women's lives: love, relationships, balance, dreams, and lots of other juicy topics. This will be the first time a book club that's not my friends discusses the book. Biting my nails. . . .

I also want to say thanks to the Garfield Book Club, the store; to Michelle, a manager there, for agreeing to host me; and especially to Lindsay for setting this whole thing up. Lindsay, you rock! And, of course, Sarah, Alice, and our helper elf, Katie, rock too! You can see from this blog that a lot of work goes into launching a book, and these young women are bending over backwards. They are fabulous. I am lucky.

See you at tonight's book club!


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