Friday, May 8, 2009

Book Trailer Round Two!

Hi! Lindsay here:

After a long, hard day of work on Thursday, we have what we think is a very close version to a final book trailer. Hooray! We started working on it in class on Thursday, but when class time was up we weren't ready to abandon what we had got going, so Alice and I stayed behind because we didn't have classes for a while. Sarah skipped her class class to stay and work--sshhhhh! She is dedicated! Plus it was fun.

As I mentioned in my very first blog entry, I have no experience with filming or editing. This project is definitely a learning experience for me. On Thursday Sarah was in the driver's seat for a while and then she asked if I want to try. Doing my best to contribute, I said YES! Our work was the repetitive stuff of plugging in Janna's stick figure drawings (see earlier blog post for a glimpse of these in their early stage) and adding the titles and pictures that we mapped out in our book trailer outline a few weeks ago.

My favorite drawings were Janna's stick picture of pink tasks, boy dumps girl (tears), and boy comes crawling back. Don't they all!

We had to resize each picture and center it in the movie Premiere Pro software. Then we added the title to each picture. This part is actually very easy if shown the proper way--and, of course, with two experts beside me.

One of my favorite add-ins to this book trailer was putting in actual pictures from Janna and Graeme's trip to match what idea we were conveying. For example, Janna demonstrates her taking on "pink" tasks with pictures of her sewing, cooking, and doing dishes. My most favorite are the pictures of the animal life and locals on the islands she visited.

After all the pieces were put in order, we edited how long each clip gets shown on the screen and cut it down after we read it out loud. Sarah felt goofy reading the text out loud in slow-mo to make sure viewers will have time to read it before another thing comes on the screen.

As the background music, we have Janna's song called "The Rock Song" that she wrote the lyrics to and a friend sang at her wedding. It was the perfect background music and the perfect sentimental touch to display her and Graeme's love story. I even learned how to fade a song out instead of having it stop abruptly. More pleasing to the ears. :)

All in all we think it is a good second draft and pretty close to ready. We got the video under two minutes which is perfect time for a book trailer to be.

Stay tuned for more updates on the book trailer. :)

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