Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Janna Gives Some Feedback on the Flyer

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Hello Cruisers, Sarah here!

Tomorrow is the final class for Publishing Procedures, and Lindsay, Alice, and I are frantically working to complete our project! The three of us have written an awesome (and well-collaborated) paper about our marketing plan, Alice and Lindsay have finished two versions of the book trailer, and here I bring you some updates regarding that flyer!

Have you noticed how nothing is ever quite finished, even when we say it is? How something can always use more work--a few tweaks here and there? There is always room for improvement.

This is certainly the case with our flyer! Janna had given some feedback on our most recent versions of the flyer, and so I went in and made some edits according to Janna's comments.

Here is what Janna had to say about the last flyer that we came up with:

A couple thoughts:
- How about a feisty new travel memoir (instead of exciting)
- Lots of blue and white here; some of the writing fades into the background. What about adding a third color? Maybe picking up the brick red of the sail or something?
- Could you please change the quote (more prestigious than Cap'n Fatty, bless his heart):
"You'll be wildly entertained and glad to be on solid ground.” - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY summer pick
I really like the swervy way you wrote the title with the subtitle above and below. Very cool! Also, I prefer the 2nd flyer visually like you do, but not sure why (I definitely don't need my face on the poster).

So with this in mind, I created this version:

This one, however, still had a few errors in it (including a typo). Janna sent some more comments to us, and I created one more flyer . . . which we all are quite happy with!

- typo: memoir is misspelled
- I agree with Alice that red is difficult to read against dark blue, whereas the white pops so nicely
- can you put the thin outline around the subtitle so it can be better seen against the white clouds?

I love the layout here! Nice how you've lined up waterline on book to match waterline on poster--clever! Also love the curves you have here. You've done a beautiful job. Perfect balance.

My only concern is no info is really given about the book to spark a general female reader's interest. That's why I'd like to include the paint chip quote ("Choosing a mate is like picking house paint from one of those tiny color squares: You never know how it will look across a large expanse, or how it will change in different light"). I understand that adding another block of text will mess with the layout, but here are some ideas on how to do it:
- Move PW quote to where feisty memoir is currently, put in white; I like the imagery of this quote at the bottom; fits with solid ground idea
- One option is to put paint chip quote to upper right block in red, then shrink the subtitle text slightly and move entire subtitle to one line below title and put "an adventure love story by janna cawrse esarey" (instead of feisty new travel memoir--b/c I may use this several months from now) to top line--I might do all lowercase for both upper and lower lines of text to create a streamlined, contemporary look; just an idea.

With these comments in mind, I created the above two versions of the flyer. There are very subtle differences between these two images, and we like them both. Which do you prefer?

This is it for the flyer! It has been through a lot, with many revisions. It has certainly improved, however, and now Janna has a whole selection of flyers to work with while promoting her book. It's been a lot of work, but very fun.

That's all for the flyer and all for now, but we will be back in the near future to update you on our final class tomorrow morning!

Signing off,

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