Monday, April 27, 2009

Design Updates

Posted by Sarah:

Hello, everybody! Alice, Lindsay and I have been working the last week or so on creating a flyer and an e-newsletter masthead for Janna to use to promote The Motion of the Ocean.

We're not finished yet, but here are the works in progress! We started with something very simple for the flyer. We included a photo of Janna, a photo of the book cover, and a bio of Janna. For decoration, I made up some little waves, which we liked and later ended up using for the e-newsletter masthead, as well. However, we didn't like the poster on a white background, and we could not find a color that we were satisfied with. So we decided to take the photograph from the cover of the book and Photoshop it, allowing us to use the picture as our flyer background.

Janna was kind enough to send me the original photograph, and I Photoshopped the image to add quite a bit more sky to it. Lindsay and Alice provided me with their keen eyes to ensure that no blemishes were in the Photoshop job. We re-did the flyer, eliminating the fun waves in this version. We rather like it, but it is not yet finished. When we presented the flyer to the rest of the class, the common complaint was that it did not look like it was advertising a book. We haven't quite determined what we want to change about this in order to complete our flyer, but the three of us will be meeting this evening to finish. I will post that as soon as I am able!

Lastly, we have our e-newsletter masthead, which I love the most. It is simple, clean, and very visually appealing. This version here is incomplete: it still needs information about the blog and a picture for the blog. However, you get the gist of it.

Our next big project is to create a book trailer video, which I think we all are very excited about! Stay tuned right here to see every exciting thing we are working on!

Don't forget! May 6th, Janna will be appearing at the Garfield Book Company. Stay tuned for details!

Signing off,
Sarah Wise

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