Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sarah Has No Life...But Let's Meet Her Anyway!

Hello, folks. Sarah again.

I would like to mention a little helper elf with this project by the name of Katie. I do not know if Katie will be blogging like the rest of us, but as she is being very helpful with all of our hard work, I want the blog followers to know who she is too! Following my little bio-blog will be bio-blogs of Lindsay, Alice, and finally a blog on Katie.

But who is this Sarah Wise, you may wonder? I am a college sophomore, majoring in art with an emphasis in graphic design. I hate drawing, but one of Janna's friends informed me (much to my relief) that I am, in fact, not the only graphic designer who dislikes that aspect of art. I am also the brilliant designer behind the blog header--which means I also get the blame for initially misspelling names. Oops!

In my spare time, I am also a radio DJ and a television star. Locally, of course. As in . . . student media. The world has yet to discover my raw talent. But that's okay, because I certainly get a kick out of myself! To hear my radio show, you can mosey on over to my Livejournal, Dead Air.

I recently spent a month in Europe, traveling to England, Germany, and Greece to study philosophy. The picture here is of me by the Mediterranean Sea in Greece! I will be taking a graphic design internship in London during the spring of 2010. I'm also super chatty, so long blog posts are probably by me. I hope I am at least entertaining.

Okay, that's all for me!
Signing off (hopefully for a while now),

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  1. Hey! Guess who took that picture! Becky did!