Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Janna Begins Work on the Book Trailer

Hello, Cruisers! (I, Sarah, have decided to name all you fans of The Motion of the Ocean Cruisers. It makes sense.)

Sarah here, posting on behalf of Janna. Last Tuesday, the whole gang met at the Garfield Book Company to discuss our plan of action for this blog and for the book trailer that we are creating. About two hours later, we had everything spelled out beautifully.

Janna has now begun the work on our book trailer. Because we were conversing via email, I have chosen to do this blog entry in email format. Janna is emailing in green, and I am emailing in blue.

At the end, I have attached for your viewing pleasure the images and videos that Janna sent to us for her preliminary work. Remember, the finished product will feature a lot more content, including narration and music!

- Sarah Wise

To: All

I played around with capturing me deleting/adding items (hearts, smiles, etc) all at once (instead of drawing them line by line, which appears pretty slow on screen). It's easiest for me to just screen capture me drawing the stuff, but if that is too hard for you to work with, let me know. Not sure how good I need to make these on my end and how much editing on your end will help.

- Janna

To: All


I think this stuff is great! I personally love the videos, watching the stuff get drawn in. To cut down on time and to keep it more visually interesting, we could edit the videos to start with stick figures already drawn, minus their mouths (which create facial expressions).

For example:

We start with two stick figures with no mouths. The narrator explains that they meet, and the smiles pop on. They fall in love, and the hearts appear in the air. They break up, and the tears come.

- Sarah

To: All

Yay! Glad you like it! I absolutely understand what you're saying about the smiles, etc. Brilliant idea.
I'll work on it tomorrow.

- Janna

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