Monday, April 27, 2009

The Finished Flyer!

Sarah here, once more.

Lindsay, Alice, and I met this evening at school to complete our flyer, which is due in class tomorrow morning (9:55 AM sharp!). We had some difficulty finding a computer we could use with the Adobe Creative Suite on it. Fortunately, I have connections (okay, not really; Jason would have let me on the editing computers in the library even if he hadn't known me) and we were able to get on a computer to finish our flyer.

We chose to keep the basic layout that we already had going. We added the subtitle of the book to the header of the flyer, and that made a difference. Now the title is interesting and visually appealing, and it helps get our message across. Now you can tell at a glance that we are not advertising something solely nautical and sea-related. No, this flyer is clearly about something deeper! We chose to keep all of the text in the flyer; this is, after all, about a book! Our finishing touches were to change the title font color and to add a side-line reading "an exciting new travel novel by Janna Cawrse Esarey."

We're satisfied with our end result, and hope you like it too! Feel free to comment or email us with any comments or suggestions!

That's it for today and all of our flyer updates. I'm off to bed now; I'll talk to you later!

- Sarah Wise

Lindsay Here: After careful deliberation, thought, and advice from Janna, of course, we made even more changes to our supposed final flyer. We changed "an exciting new travel novel" to "an exciting new travel memoir." This was a minor error on our part because Janna's book in fact is a true story and novel is associated with fiction. Oops! We also added--so people would rush to the bookstore--"Coming June 2009!"

Here is hopefully the last and final draft of our flyer:

Don't forget! May 6th, Janna will be appearing at the Garfield Book Company. Stay tuned for details!


  1. Hi ladies, I'm testing something.

  2. Looks gorgeous! I'm glad you added the subtitle. Great touch. You've really done a nice job here, ladies.

    (My only comment is that my book is actually not a novel as novels are fiction, aka not true. My book is true! So it's a memoir. That's my only correction.)

  3. Janna,

    We have corrected the flyer! I'll see to it, making sure the FINAL version gets posted here!