Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lindsay Mackert Loves Books!

Lindsay Mackert here!

Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself as one of the behind-the-scenes people who is helping with the promotion of Janna's first book.

My name is Lindsay Mackert, and I am a sophomore at Pacific Lutheran University. I am a commuter student at PLU and I drive from Spanaway every day. :) I spent my first year at PLU agonizing over what I would do with my love of literature . . . everyone always asked me what grade I was going to teach, to which I would reply--probably too furiously--I DON'T WANT TO TEACH!!! But, despite my apprehensions, I can't go without reading, so I recently decided that I will be an English literature major and I will find a job somehow. What I really want to do is what I am doing right now in this project: communicating with authors, promoting books, and setting up events. Which brings me to my job at Garfield Book Company at PLU. I am a trade book specialist and my favorite part of the job is helping run the fiction book club. Janna will be visiting our book club on Wednesday May 6th at 6:30, in fact! For more information, please check out our website. I enjoy reading (of course), watching movies, tennis aka Roger Federer, shopping, chai tea lattes, gossiping with Katie, and playing with my dog. That's me in a nutshell. . . .

I hope to bring to this blog encouragement and inspiration for people--although you may know nothing about how to make a book trailer, use InDesign, or work with Photoshop, you can learn! All it takes is passion, and that is something I definitely have for books, especially Motion of the Ocean. :)

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