Thursday, April 23, 2009

Katie the Helper Elf

My name is Katie, and I've also helped a bit on helping Janna promote her book. My job in this has involved helping with the filming aspect of the project (and getting to read an awesome book before it's released. How cool is that?).

I am currently a junior-year communications (mostly journalism) and Spanish double major at PLU. Right now, I'm a busy little worker bee. I help out when I can at KCNS--as news packager extraordinaire and entertainment reporter-- and I work at the Garfield Bookstore (with Lindsay) and once a week I work at a very delicious Italian restaurant (free food and tips!). In my free time, I try to read for fun, correct people on their grammar (copyeditor in the making), travel when I can, and enjoy the sunshine. Occasionally, I write run-on sentences which would make my journalism profs cringe.

I am hoping, one day, to enter in the world of either broadcast or print/online media. One day. I have volunteered (briefly) with KPLU 88.5, PLU's radio station (not to be confused with KCCR, which is where Sarah has her radio show). I have written for The Mast, PLU's student newspaper, as well.

Like Janna, I have done a bit of traveling (well, not exactly. I don't sail. I've taken the plane/train/bus route). When I graduate, I'd like to resume my cultural education, either in my second-home Spain or in Australia.

What I love about Motion of the Ocean is that it is a travel narrative, but it's not as fluffy and romanticized as others. Janna's book sheds light on the hardships of travel as well. Janna writes about things that I would have never considered as part of traveling, but that I am glad that I now know. I hope that all of you can share the love when Motion of the Ocean comes out this June. :)

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